Hiring a Bus to Get You to the Big Game

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Hiring a Bus to Get You to the Big Game

30 June 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

As the footy season heats up, many fans are planning how they can get to the grand final. If you find that your team makes a surprise run for the finals, it can often be prohibitively expensive to fly into town for the big game, particularly if you're coming from another state. Hiring a charter bus can often be a great way to get interstate while getting to spend some time with other fans. 

Hire a driver

Many of the fans will want to chill out and have a few beers or glasses of wine on the road. Even if you have some non-drinkers in the group, it can be hard for a non-professional drivers to stay focused on the road with a bunch of rowdy sports fans in the back singing their team song. The cost of a professional driver is often quite small when divided over a full bus load, and you can often get a cheaper rental rate if you are also using a professional driver. 

Hire a bus with audio visual equipment

A long bus ride can be a great time to play some clips of your team's highlights over this season as well as the past performance at any previous finals. It can be a lot of fun to display this on screens that everyone can watch to help them get in the mood for the big day. You can also play interviews with top players or other clips of the team to help pass the time and get everyone chatting. 

Fill the seats

In addition to your friends, it can be a good idea to cast a wide net to fill all of those seats. Remember that for each seat you fill, the per-person rate for the bus ride goes down! Not only that, it's also a great opportunity to expand your social circles and meet some other diehard fans who want to have a unique experience going to see their team play in a big final. Social media can be great way to get the message out and get those seats filled. 

If you are looking for a way to get to another city for a big match, a charter bus can be a great idea. Make sure to hire a professional bus driver, and make sure the bus has some great audio visual equipment so that you can all enjoy the ride and get in the mood for the big game.